Monday, November 2, 2009

jim and matt's cnc components

Jim and I worked on cutting out some components for his Fab Meth project last week. Jim has a blog that documents his work on school assignments, his job, and his other interests like cnc, taig stuff, and bicycles.

I showed him how to write the toolpaths in RhinoCAM and how to generate the code in 30 minutes and he was able to tweak the file so we could cut out 3 rows of theses components while I was teaching my other courses and attending meetings. We met back up after my classes and it took about 45 minutes to cut out this sheet of 1/8" thick aluminum brackets. We are looking forward to cutting some more complex parts that aren't as simple as these 2 1/2 axis brackets. Make sure to check out Jim's panel design.

Jim also showed me some interesting things he is designing for a "real Job". He's using Grasshopper and I was blown away by what he's able to do with this plug-in. Awesome stuff! I need to learn this!!